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hi im trying to do the gif in the tv thing with another picture but once i paste my gif frames, they're not where they're supposed to be and i can't move them? and it doesnt work at all. can you please help me?

you’ll need to be a bit more specific,

but when youre moving them, select ALL THE FRAMES, and ALL THE LAYERS OF THE GIF. NOT THE TV, JUST THE GIF, and then move. it should work :)

Contains vibrance. Adds purple-ish blue tint all over. Works with almost every image.

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TIPS to get your gif under 1 mb :)

Start by making your gif. Crop, resize if you want, blah blah. Nothing else. I WILL NOT be using PSD’s for this tutorial but those lower gif sizes too. If you wanna sharpen as well, go right ahead.


  1. Ok so normally, you wanna stay AWAY from colours. But for this first example, my gif has a WHITE background, so I can keep colours. Maybe even enhance them a bit. If you’ve ever heard of DARKENING your gifs to make them less sized, you can do the same with lightening, so long as you have quite a bit white in your gif:(I’m gonna add some vibrance. You can, too! )
  2. As you can see, the white in the background is a bit of a gradient. We wanna make that one nice solid colour. We’re gonna do that using LEVELS in our adjusment panel.
  3. You can use BRIGHTNESS AND CONTRAST to get a light background too:
  4. SO THAT on it’s own, 15 frames(didnt cut a single frame) and all that colour, saved as 968 kb:


OK so that was kind of not fair, considering most gifs are SO colourful. Here’s a more fair tutorial:

  1. ONCE AGAIN, crop resize sharpen blah blah.
  2. This gif is not very colourful, so I’m gonna add some vibrance…:
  3. Now the catch with this gif is that the camera is still, so the background isn’t moving. We’re gonna freeze that part, because it takes up waaaaay less size, and it won’t even be noticeable! USE THIS SUPER EASY TUTORIAL.
  4. JUST DOING THAT brought my 27 FRAME GIF to 473 kb ( i added some colour ^_^) :


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This is kinda sad (for me) but happy at the same time~ I’m going on a trip to Europe, intil October 28th so I’m not gonna be online (like almost never so). Hope you understand.



theme 19 by zaynys ®if you download it, like or reblog and please don’t remove the | live preview

theme 19 by zaynys ®
if you download it, like or reblog and please don’t remove the credits.
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OH HOT DAMN! → a font uh… rec post. or whatever you wanna call it.

Adec » Alégre Sans » Carton » Cassanet » Ginette » Haymaker

Homestead » Intro » Jey » Lot » Madonna » Major Minus

Market Deco » Mensch » Metropolis » Minotaur »  Nova » Perforama

Popsies » Portal Black » Ribbon » Tall Dark And Handsome » Tommaso » White Rabbit

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_Base Psd

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PSD #1 - Like or reblog if you download - B&W Optional - (mf)

PSD #1 - Like or reblog if you download - B&W Optional - (mf)

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MF/BOX; please like this post if you download.

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